New and Used Pianos For Sale!

Showroom available for viewing,      Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm.

This 2018 Hallet Davis has no previous owners. New everything. We’ve brought the cost down to $9,500.00 on this piano as the last of our 2018 stock! If you are looking for an awesome deal, and an instrument that will give you years of play without replacing expensive strings, hammers, or dampers, look no further!

After QRS, the leader of the modern-day player piano system, purchased Story & Clark in 1993, they went on to make these beautiful instruments. Manufactured in 2001, this Story & Clark Player Piano has to be seen, and heard in person to be fully appreciated.  At $8,700.00, you’re not just receiving a unique piano, but a full collection of nearly 1000 songs. Play live music for your guests while you eat, or sing along! (hopefully not at the same time).  

This 1995 Kohler and Campbell is a popular, affordable home piano. At $6,400.00, it’s an affordable starter baby grand. The fun rich wood tones make it a beautiful piece to any home.